To blog or not to blog, that’s not the question…

In today’s cyber world, an almost infinite number of people blog about every topic you can imagine: politics, sports, culinary arts, arts & crafts and voice over is not the exception. I have been thinking for a long time whether to blog or not to blog about voice overs. Why? Because today, blogs are an important part of creating an online presence for your voice over business, so you can tell the whole world that you are a voice over artist and want to share with others your experience, knowledge and thoughts on a wide range of topics related to this amazing field. However, after burning thousands of neurons I came to realize that, to blog or not to blog is not the question…the question is: what to blog about!

So, after analizing different ideas I decided to blog not only about the VO-related topics you usually find in different blogs, but also to focus on a specific target audience: BEGINNERS! Why? That’s easy, because I also was a beginner some time ago and I had a hard time finding information written or recorded in a simple language; whether in English or Spanish (which is my native language). Besides, I am a person who likes detailed information about any topic and when it comes to VO…there is no exception. In other words, I always want to go deeper in a certain topic I’m not so familiar with. The deeper I dig into a topic, the more I will understand it.

Also, in order to provide useful information to our beloved “newcomer” friends, I decided not to write a one-man blog. Instead, I want to assemble a task force with industry professionals: VO artists, Sound Engineers, Voice Directors, Marketing Experts and even hardware and software manufacturers among many others. ‘ Pablo, what’s the reason to do it that way?’  For better, I always want to be different, not to compete with others, but to avoid been “just one more guy in the world”. Besides, let’s be honest: we don’t know everything! So, I wouldn’t be neither honest nor professional if I try to blog about something I barely know about. Not to mention that I would badly hurt my credibility, my reputation and my career (in the worst case scenario)…FOR EVER!

So, if you are an expert in one or more of the fields I mentioned in the previous paragraph, I encourage you to join forces with me to make my decision a reality. There will be times that I will write a blog article by myself ’cause after all, this is Skinny Voice Studio’s blog. But there is much more fun doing things as part of a team. I love team work and it’s always been part of my life. That’s why I’m encouraging you to join me to make this happen. Remember, in this industry to work alone is a highly subjetive expression.

If you are up to the challenge, contact me at Thanks so much for spending your precious time reading this article, officially the first of many.

Greetings from Ponce, Puerto Rico

Pablo Hernandez-Pagan

Skinny Voice Studio

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