About Skinny Voice Studio

Skinny Voice Studio is a company owned by Pablo Hernandez-Pagan to provide you with professional  Spanish and English voice-over services in a wide variety of categories: TV & Radio commercials, web ads, phone systems, audiobooks or any other upon request by the client. He has been featured at least twice in VoiceOverXtra.com for which he wrote the articles VOICE ACTORS RUSH TO CREATE THESE PSA’s FOR HAITI RELIEVE and AIRS LATINO SEEKS VOLUNTEER VOICE TALENTS, PR PROS & AUDIO ENGINEERS; HOW TO HELP as well as been mentioned in other articles in the same website. He has also been featured in two of the most important voice over blogs: Dave Courvoisier’s Blog and Vox Daily. Not to mention that he was the Executive Producer and Voice Talent of the 21st Central American and Caribbean Games 2010 in Puerto Rico and was also featured in their newsletter. Using his fresh, young and bright voice along with his creativity, Pablo Hernandez-Pagan will make your script and project…COME TO LIFE!

Some of his credits are:

Executive Producer of Let’s Talk About Haiti video project

Executive Producer and Voice Talent of the 21st Central American and Caribbean Games’ Official Podcast

Editor of Vox Latino, a blog in which he publish Spanish tranlations of the articles published on Vox Daily blog  by Voices.com co-founder Stephanie Ciccarelli.

You can listen to his Spanish voice-over demo by clicking on this link: Skinny Voice Studio’s demo


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